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Literacy in the "Teaching as Inquiry" Process

Step 1: Focussing inquiry

What are the outcomes I want my students to achieve? Set goals in literacy.
For example: I want my students to have the literacy skills to do the level 2 Internal - 2.11 Statistical Reports.
Look at the e-asTTle results for reading and writing and identify the gaps with your group of students.
Do pre and post testing so that we can develop literacy knowledge and understanding.
Build literacy into department goals. A department goal could be: that language is used in its correct context for mathematics.
Big Question: How will these gaps affect the teaching and learning of mathematics for this achievement standard?
Answer: What will my students need to learn next in order to achieve this Internal?

Step 2:Teaching inquiry

What are the teaching strategies that will support my students to achieve these outcomes?
How well are current strategies working? Are there others that might be more successful?
Search my own and other colleagues’ past practice for strategies that may be more effective
Look in the research literature to see what has worked in other contexts.
Seek evidence that these strategies really have worked for other students.

Step 3: Learning inquiry

Takes place both during and after teaching as I monitor my students’ progress towards the identified outcomes and reflect on what this tells me.
Design a pre-test and post-test to see what has been achieved through the explicit teaching of these strategies; e.g. if new vocabulary was the focus, then a vocab pre-test and post-test may capture this learning and the success/failure of the strategies.
Implement the new strategies
Set up processes for capturing evidence about whether the strategies are working.
Use this new information (post-test data, what I noticed during the teaching and assessing of the Internal Achievement Standard for example) to decide what to do next to ensure continued improvement in student achievement and in my own practice.


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